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A SUMMER SURPRISE begins with two children planning to visit their uncle's farm for two weeks, which is part of their Summer tradition.

They enjoy the natural surroundings - the orchards, pastures and the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. They take care of the smaller animals and also groom and ride the horses.

This visit turns out to be very different from the other times. The wounded Chincoteague pony that Uncle Mickey found and nurtured and the black stallion he brought from the rodeo when he retired decided to have a family. An unexpected chain of events is set into motion as the birth of a foal approaches. What will happen next?

Beautifully illustrated by Thomas McAteer and filled with excitement, A SUMMER SURPRISE is highly recommended reading for children and their families. The story depicts a challenge the children face and how they bravely handle the situation. It also encourages caring for animals.


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